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Greenwood Lake, NY/NJ, April 4, 1998

     The Eastern Penn-Jersey Deaf Bass Anglers held their first tournament of the year at Lake Greenwood, NY/NJ. The weather terribly made us the 7 anglers frustrating. The weather of this tourney was 10-15 mph windy and cloudy at about 35 degrees. They had a hard time to catch the bass because the water temperature was very mild cool at 48 degrees (north) and 52 degrees (south).

     Only three bass were caught that day. Dom Galletti and Don Versers, both of New Jersey received the first place of the tournament with the total weigh of 2.06. Only one bass was caught by Dom Galletti using a 5" black/chartreuse slider worm.

     Second place went to Chris Jones and Eugene Krochta Jr of Pennsylvania with Chrisís 1.82 pounder. He used 3" red grub and his new rod. He didnít expect to catch a bass because he didnít feel nothing that bass bit. Ed Mobra felt a little disappointed that he had no partner, but he was happily taking the third place. The Lunker Award went to Dom Galletti. The total weight of tournament was 4.72 lbs. with only 3 bass.

Lake Hopatcong, NJ, April 25, 1998

     The weather was not with us for our second tournament of the season. Cool temputure and high wind crushed 30 mphs were to our disadvantage all day. Also the waves hit 3í to 5í. It was a very bad fishing day for 12 anglers but there had only two places to get a victory. We were not allowed to use the livebait, just artificial lures for this tournament.

    Vincent Sabatini and Vinne Dotti were the championship team of this tournament with their only 3 pickerels with a total weigh of 4.23 lbs. Vincent used the Perch Rapala to catch his two fishes and Vinne caught only one fish with his Top Secret lure. Vincent claimed the Lunker Award with his 2.31 pounder.

    Paul Galletti caught his 2.54 lbs. with his lure, silver/black jointed Rapala. This catch put Paul and his father, Dom into second place.

    The total weigh of tournament was 6.77 lbs with only five pickerels.They probably decided to use the livebait for next yearís tournament at Lake Hopatcong.

Lake Henry (Pickerel Tournament), May 16th, 1998

    The weather at Lake Henry was so beautiful and very warmer but it gave a bit of heat to anglers. The temperature was at around 85 degrees. It wasnít a good fishing day for 16 anglers. Because the last past two weekends, they had great fishing to catch a lot of pickerels by our club hosted The Open Team Pickerel Tournament and other tournament while the weather was raining and cool.

    But the great day for Eugene and Angela Krochta took their first championship with their total weight of 7.59 lbs. They were very proud that they won as a married couple team. They moslty used the "Little Cleo" silver spoon to bite by eight pickerels.

    Other couple team but not married, Jason Mitchell and Louise Schroeder went to second place. They would be very brave and had enjoyed their day to fishing all day in the love boat on a lake. The total weight of six pickerels was 4.69 lbs with using the "Little Cleo" silver spoon.

    Third place was captured by Vincent Sabatini and Marvin Figles. Only four pickerels were caught by Marvin. Poor baby to Vincent, he didnít catch any over 15 inches pickerel. He must be very fruasted but had a good time to fishing with his partner. Marvin used the livebait minnow to catch.

    The defending championship team from last year, Chris Jones and Angie Gabriel went to fourth place with their total weight of 3.88 lbs with seven pickerels. They tried their best to fishing in the hot weather than last year. The lure was livebait minnow.

    Lunker Award went to Angela Krochta with her 2.32 pounder. She is the first female to win the lunker in the club history. Congratulations to her and try for winning the Bass Lunker next tournament.

    Total weigh of tournaments was 31.56 with 38 pickerel.

Greenwood Lake, NY/NJ, June 27, 1998

    The place was the DeFeo Cove Marina in New York, the weather was ideal with the partly sunny and warmer at 82 degrees. Seven teams cruise out to try their luck in the second bass tournament of the season since the bass season closed for almost two months. Three out of 7 teams didnít bring the fish to the weigh-in. But the total weight of tournament was 25.72 lbs with 18 bass including 5 dead bass with .4 oz penatly per dead bass.

    Eugene Krochta, Jr. and Angela Jo Krochta needed one more bass to have Eight Bass-Limit but they only had 7 bass to weigh at 11.31 lbs to give them the first place of the tourney. Thats their second straight to took the first place. Great job to them. They moslty used the lure, red shad finesse and 7" worm all days.

    Second place was captured by Vincent Sabatini and Greg Granto, having a total catch of 7 bass, tipping the scale at 9.64 lbs including .16 oz dead penalty. Congratulations to Greg who was in second place in his first time since he joined the club. Way to go!! Bass was catch using white and pearl Shadow Jerkbait and plastic worm.

    Chris Jones and Scott Sabatini brought their only two bass scale at 2.57 lbs to give them into third place. They were enjoying to fishing while Chris taught to Scott how to fishing bass. Chris used red shad and pumpkinseed/chartreuse Finesse. Chris lost some big bass hook off from his rod. Poor Chris, need a new kid fishing pole better than an expensive rod!

    Again, Angela took the Lunker Award with her 2.64 pound bass. She was very happy to won the second Lunker Award this year. She hopefully to get the Lunker of the Year.

Cayuga Lake, New York, July 18, 1998

    After the invitation tourney, we had only 8 boats were registated to the New York State Deaf Bass Championship at the Cove Marina in Seneca Falls, NY. The day started out with the partly sunny and very warmer at between 80-84 degrees. Sone anglers had a good day and some had a bad day for them to catch some bass to bring to the headquarter. Only 27 bass which yeilded a total weight of 45.10 lbs with no Eight Bass-Limit, only two teams had 7 bass each.

    Before the tournament started next day, only two new members joined our club, Bill Tulloch and Ed Bastian. They were so excited to fishing at Cayuga Lake during the tournament and won the first place with 7 bass scale at 13.21 lbs. Thats great to have them to join our club! Congratulations to them!! The topwater lures were used to fishing the bass all days. They should say "Thank You" to Frank Dettorre who lost his favorite lure that was stuck on the stick of tree. Ed decided to take it and put on his rod. Thatís a key to win the tournament.

    Frank Dettorre pulled his brother, Louis from California to particatied the tournament with him.

    And they took the second place, having a total catch of 5 bass with the scale at 10.08 lbs. Also, Frank hooked the heaviest bass of this tournament with his 3.63 pounder to win the Lunker Award. He used the Storm topwater to catch it. Also, he and Louise used the topwater lures and spinnerbait.

    Third place went to Chris Jones and Vinnie Dotti, who caught 7 bass for a total weight of 9.67 lbs. Vinnie was very proud of himself because thatís his first time to fishing at Cayuga Lake and caught some bass and had a practice before a tournament next day. He learned a lot from anglers about what s wrong and right to fishing. Both of them used blue fleck 7" powerbait worm.

Greenwood Lake, NY/NJ, August 8, 1998 (Night)

    There were terrible day for angles to fishing at Greenwood Lake because too crowd and the water was soooo wave by the boat traffic all days until dawn. And also, not much big bass due the three tournaments at that day before us. But the weather was so warm and comfortable at the degree of 75 to 80 degrees. There had 5 out of 6 boats brought some bass to weigh at DeFeo Marina with the total weight was 24.44 lbs. Angela used 7" red shad worm and Eugene hook either red shad or purple finesse worm.

    After took the fourth place at Cayuga Lake, Eugene and Angela were comeback to took the first place with 7 bass to weigh at 10.03 lbs. They had a hard time to fishing at night on the lake. Thats their first time to fishing on boat at night time. They had a good time to fishing together.

    Chris Jones and Larry Fetterhood brought another 7 bass scale at 8.05 lbs. with using the 7" red shad worm and pumpkinseed ribworm and finessee.

    Only one bass to weigh at 3.67 lbs caught by Vincent Sabatini to took a third place with his partner, Leory Stevens. Vincent joined Leoryís boat because Vincentís boat was in hosiptal for surgery his motor. Vincent used the Zara Spook to caught a biggest bass of tournament to win the Lunker of the Day.

Lake Henry, PA, September 12, 1998

    The day started out with very warm at around 72 degree with partly sunny. Five boats attended the tourney. It seem be very tough fishing condition for anglers. There had only 4 bass to brought to the weight with the total weigh at 4.37 lbs. It is a lowest total weight of season. The second is 4.72 lbs at Greenwood Lake on April 4, 1998.

    Eugene and Angela were so frustrated to fishing all days but caught only 2 bass at the weigh of 1.83 lbs to give them the first place. The lure used was red shad worm.

    Second place was taken by brothers team, Walter Runyon and James Sabatelle. With a total a weight of 1.45 lbs with only a bass. Also, James won the Lunker of the Day. He used the blue/silver Rattiní Rap.

    New Jersey team, Dom Galletti and Don Versver took a third place with a bass at the weight of 1.09 lbs.

Great Day for Two Anglers at Greenwood Lake, NY/NJ on October3, 1998

    What a nice day for six anglers to fishing the bass all days The weather was very cool and mostly cloudy. This tournament was a Final Individual Overall for 1998, not team. Only four anglers were racing for the Angler of the Year 1998 before that tournament. But two anglers, Chris Jones and Eugene Krochta, Jr. had a hot day for them with a total weights closest to ten pounds each try to win the Angler of the Year..

    Also, Chris broke the club record for the largest bass at 4.67 lbs to win the lunker of the day. The old reord was 4.39 lbs by Dom Galletti. He used the black finesse worm. His total weights with four bass were 9.10 lbs to 9.05 lbs by Eugene Krochta, Jr. which beat him for the Angler of the Year.. Congratulations to him!

    There had no a lunker of day for pickerel. The money prize for lunker is going to put on Deaf Pickerel Tournament at Lake Henry on May 1999.

    The total weight of tournament was25.64 lbs with 10 bass


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